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Health economics, public economics, and applied microeconomics

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Just a Minute: The Effect of Emergency Department Wait Time on the Cost of Care, with James F. Holmes  [R&R, Economic Inquiry]


Swamped: Emergency Department Crowding and Patient Mortality  [Under Review]
Medicaid Expansion and Emergency Department Utilization  
[Under Review]

Access to Primary Care for California Medicaid Enrollees, with Joy Melnikow, Ethan Evans, Guibo Xing, Shauna Durbin, Dominique Ritley & Brock Daniels  ​​[Under Review]

Are Diverse Teams More Productive?, with Daniel B. Jones

Physician-Patient Race-Match Reduces Patient Mortality, with Andrew J. Hill & Daniel B. Jones

​Changes in Physicians' Admitting Tendencies and Patient Mortality, with James F. Holmes